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The Impress Difference

We will take the time to learn about your skin, your lifestyle and routines, and most importantly… we’ll tell you if a treatment is not right for your skin. Not every treatment is suitable for every skin type.

In some instances, your skin may need to be treated with specific products to prepare your skin in the weeks leading up to your treatment. Vicky will assess your skin and provide recommendations to ensure your skin is ready for your treatment.

Youth Recovery Medi Peel ~ 30m ~ $130

(Course of 3 treatments over 3 weeks $370)


The Youth Recovery Peel containing 20% lactic acid, 20% glycolic acid and 2% salicylic acid is the classic anti-ageing peel and a radical answer for sun-damaged skin. This anti-ageing peel dissolves skin surface cells, freeing new skin to emerge radiant and hydrated. Skin appears resurfaced with tighter pores and fewer wrinkles. Dark spots appear lighter with increased surface elasticity and reduced scarring. Recommended for all but the most sensitive of skin types.

LPS Medi Peel ~ 30m ~ $90

(Course of 6 treatments over 6 weeks $510)


This peel blends 20% L+lactic acid, 8% pyruvic acid and 2% salicylic acid to dissolve the top layer of accumulated dead skin cells, visibly improving skin texture, lightening hyperpigmentation, tightening pores and reducing acne damage. Recommended for all but the most sensitive skin types, and especially for acne.

Lacto Medi Peel ~ 30m ~ $70

(Course of 6 treatments over 6 weeks $400)


The Lacto Medi Peel features 30% lactic acid, which exfoliates by dissolving surface dead cells and renewing the skin while moisturizing and regulating pH balance. As an anti-microbial agent, the Lacto Medi Peel improves skin texture, minimizes wrinkles, lightens hyperpigmentation and hydrates skin. Especially effective for skin that is severely dehydrated and hyperpigmented, or is suffering minimal effects of acne. Recommended for all but the most sensitive skin types.

Max + LED Light Therapy ~ 30m $50 / 15m $30

Max+ LED Light is a safe treatment that can offer visible results to damaged, aged, acne, acne scarring, rosacea, sensitive, blemished, irritated and pigmented skin. Max + LED Light Therapy is programmed to offer specific skin treatments to all skin types, using multiple wavelengths within the visible light spectrum to counteract skin conditions and combat the effect of ageing in a non-invasive treatment.

Bonus Upgrade:

Pre-pay any skin peel course in full and receive three FREE 15 minute LED Light Therapy Session’s. SAVE $90!